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31 Jan

Where does the independent critical analysis stop, and the manipulative lobbying begin?

"We focus-grouped the issue several times," says Shumate.

The results were contained in a June 7 wrap-up memo on TV coverage.

The most popular comical novel of the late 1990s/early 2000s, Viktor Pelevin’s “Generation ‘P’”, tells the story of a second-rate poet who goes from selling vodka in a Moscow kiosk in the early 1990s, to working as an advertising copywriter and "political technologist" in the belly of Russia's PR industry beast.

Pelevin’s book, released in 1999, describes a world in which all Russian politics and consumer reality is created on Silicon Graphics workstations in secret TV studios, all with the aim of increasing advertising revenues.

That problem was solved by Yeltsin promising to give Gusinsky valuable banking and national TV licenses and other properities; Gusinsky agreed, and he put NTV at Yeltsin's service, and seconded NTV's top executive to lead Yeltsin’s TV campaign coverage.As Dresner had advised it in a memo to the Yeltsin Team: In the end, Yeltsin won by old school fraud — in Chechnya, for example, where Yeltsin’s war had killed 40,000 people and displaced half the population, elections showed 1,000,000 Chechens voted (even though less than half a million adults remained in Chechnya at the time of voting), and that 70% of them voted for Yeltsin, their exterminator.