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15 Feb

Is it selfish to broach this subject with my co-worker? Since things have been strictly professional between the two of you, blindsiding her with a declaration of feelings is a recipe for awkwardness all around.Here’s what he had to say about his experience: According to the guy I talked to, there are two types of Indio Guyanese girls.1.The ones who are too afraid to date a foreigner (you can find them in smaller towns and villages).2.Someone from above needs to intervene, and it’s not something you have standing to do on your own.However, if you tip off someone above him, you can be explicit that you’re concerned about repercussions and ask that the person do their own observation and be discreet about where the initial information came from.

As in, I think about her all of the time and I can’t wait to get to work each day just so I can see her.I think the feelings are mutual, but I can’t be certain because we’ve never spoken directly about it, and we’ve been very professional up to this point.This has created an environment in which the rest of us don’t trust our boss or our peer because of the relationship.It has fostered suspicion among my peers that our compensation is impacted by this relationship.Yeah, even if your boss and Jane aren’t actually having an affair, they’re behaving so intimately with each other that of course people will worry about favoritism and bias.Throw in that your boss has shown that he’s not willing to act on problems with Jane, and it gets worse.As for leaving your job and then asking her out, that’s a pretty extreme move when you have no signs thus far that she’d say yes … My own manager has four direct reports, all managers.