Accommodating dentist physical disability

12 Feb

Before leaving, I also gave my doctor a copy of the ADA accommodation request I was going to file with the Human Resources office, so she would also be ready when they contacted her to talk about it.

My bosses and the Human Resources office thanked me for making this aspect of their jobs easier.

Later, when we met to talk, my bosses both expressed how well my schedule changes and other accommodations had worked out during the past year, and readily agreed with my suggested accommodations for the next year.

Working with Lupus challenges every patient because it impacts the activities of daily living needed for holding a job or career.

At times, it can be downright difficult to work with lupus, when even getting up in the morning is rough. Recently, we held a meeting at work for the annual discussion of my ADA accommodations.

Once the forms were ready, next came gathering backup documents to attach to the forms: I set up a meeting with my supervisors a few days before my doctor appointment, telling them about the need to recertify FMLA and update ADA.I gave them each a copy of the forms and the attachments we would talk about at the meeting.