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09 Feb

We managed to delve into our relationship “knots” to an unimaginable depth. A level where real understanding and feelings are unlocked.We were born whole, with the desire and capacity for deep love and connection.But a lifetime of hurts, often stemming from childhood, can leave even the strongest of us wounded and a little stranded, sometimes in ways we don’t realise or understand.But we could not resolve it or make sense of it, so we started resenting and hurting each other even more.A friend recommended we see Louis, and thus began an intense and amazing journey.

We are so grateful to have had him take us on this life-changing journey." Timi and Richard "Thanks again for taking us on this incredible journey!

We both feel more confident about the road ahead and believe that these skills have already set us on the right path and are excited about the future." Faye That’s a really good question, and I’m glad you asked.

The ultimate achievement isn’t autonomy, independence or self-sufficiency.

It’s in understanding and embracing our need for each other, to live fully alive ourselves.

He gave us new tools and helped us to remember why we fell in love. We are happier, closer and stronger than we have ever been as a couple.

We will be forever grateful." Verushka and Shahiem "It's the Thursday after our weekend with you, and I am not sure if I have come in for a landing yet.

Marriage, and a committed relationship with a partner is one of life’s greatest gifts to restoring heart connection.

We have a deep and holy calling to love each other into wholeness.