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26 Jan

No one can be arbitrary deprived of the Albanian citizenship.

If both parents of Albanian nationality adopt a child having another citizenship or a stateless one, the child is granted the Albanian citizenship.

The adopted child acquires the Albanian citizenship even if one of the parents is of Albanian nationality and at the moment of the adoption they reside in the territory of the Republic of Albania, as well as in any other case when the child risks of remaining stateless, as result of adoption.

The decision to grant the Albanian citizenship may be wavered if it is proved that the foreigner or the stateless person has consciously based his application for granting the Albanian citizenship on false data and counterfeit documents.

The decision to grant the Albanian citizenship under the conditions as provided in the above paragraph, is wavered even for children under 18 years of age, who are granted the citizenship together with their parents taking always into account the inter4est of the child, as well as the fact that the child should not remain stateless.

Even if one of the parents does not agree that the child looses the Albanian citizenship, the child can be wavered its citizenship, if it is deemed that such a thing is to the benefit of the child and if the child has or will acquire another citizenship.

A minor looses the Albanian citizenship when he/she is adopted by foreign parents and in such a case, acquires a new citizenship.

Pursuant to Article 16 of Law No.7491, dated " On Main Constitutional Dispositions", by proposal of the Council of Ministers, the People.

Council of the Republic of Albania, DECIDED: The Albanian citizenship is a stable legal relationship which is expressed on the interrelated rights and duties between the physical person and the Albanian state.

A foreigner who has filed an application for acquiring the Albanian citizenship through naturalization, acquires it subject to the following conditions: 1. If the foreigner proves that he is of Albanian origin up to the second generation, be it even from one parent, the time of residence in the Republic of Albania, mentioned in alinea 2 of this Article, should be at least 3 years.