Amber tamblyn is dating david cross

06 Feb

Tamblyn's father made several appearances as God in the form of a dog walker on the show, which ran from 2003 to 2005.Here they are seen in September The Joan Of Arcadia actress was while miming the Color Me Badd song I Wanna Sex You Up.Tamblyn married Cross, 52, in 2012 after dating for five years. I think constantly about the world I am bringing her into.'" Tamblyn admitted, adding that she then got a "tiny baby tent" while pointing to her crotch area (odd, but oddly adorable).Cross swooped in with some genuine sentiment, saying "It was so obvious" that they were going to be together after that.

Comedian David Cross and his fiancé Amber Tamblyn appeared on stage for the first time together at a comedy show in NYC on Thursday, and unlike most interviews with Cross, there was little mention of the "Arrested Development" movie.

Instead, the couple shared some intimate (and funny) details of their courtship to a sold-out crowd attending "Running Late With Scott Rogowsky," a live comedy talk show at The People's Improv Theater.

Tamblyn, the 29-year-old actress who starred in the "Joan Of Arcadia" TV series and "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" has been with Cross, 48, for over four years; the wedding is in less than six months.

But much like the beginning of their appearance on "Running Late" (Tamblyn was tardy due to a last-minute bathroom visit) the early stages of their romance had plenty of awkward moments.

She first came to national attention in her role on the soap opera General Hospital as Emily Quartermaine, followed by a starring role on the prime-time series Joan of Arcadia, portraying the title character, Joan Girardi.