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31 Jan

She is like she lost a family member, and she is PRAYING TO HIM for guidance and help with her life.

At alam niyang umiinom ako ng beer kaya ginamit niya sa akin ang Galacia -21.

Sabi niya, try ko daw sumama sa Bible Exposition nila.

Several of these are held to honor the local Roman Catholic patron saint, to commemorate local history and culture, to promote the community's products, or to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

They can be marked by Holy Masses, processions, parades, theatrical play and reenactments, religious or cultural rituals, trade fairs, exhibits, concerts, pageants and various games and contests.

Sa madaling sabi, Katoliko kasi ang isang tao kaya siya makasalanan.At, ang implikasyon, miyembero kasi siya ng MCGI kaya banal siya.Originally encouraged by the Spanish to coincide with Christian holy days, early festivals became vital instruments in spreading Christianity throughout the country.Fiestas in the Philippines can be religious, cultural, or both.Padre Pio was dogged during his life and even after his death by allegations that he was a fake but Church investigators cleared him each time.You are looking at what the Vatican Whore of Babylon loves to do best, deceive people.Peter’s Basilica during the Catholic Church’s current Holy Year on the theme of mercy.The body, along with that of another, less famous saint that is being transported to Rome from northern Italy, will be displayed in a Rome church before both are moved in procession to St. This is all part of the unholy, demonic obsession by the Catholic Church to worship these artificial “saints”, pray to the dead, and to get people’s eyes off of Jesus Christ and on anything else.