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15 Feb

By default, Word Press auto-update function only updates minor versions.The global settings for automatic restore on Safe Updates can be adjusted by going to Advanced Settings.There you will see two options, one giving you the rollback on all website.The trusted organization uses these long-lasting permissions to continuously update your ORCID record with new information in its system. Auto-updates are key to achieving the mantra of enter once, re-use often.They save you time and can increase trust in data by enabling the automatic exchange of information between research systems and ORCID records. Just as you are in control of your ORCID record, you are also in control of whether you grant an organization permission to read or update your ORCID record, and for how long they can have that permission.

If you, like most smart Word Press administrators, have Word Press automatically patch itself, your site will be locked on 4.9.3, and it won't be updated to newer versions to avoid further Word Press security problems.Dion Hulse, a Word Press lead developer, explained: "#43103-core aimed to reduce the number of API [Application Programming Interface] calls which get made when the autoupdate cron task is run.In a nutshell, if we detect any type of issue during the update, you are now able to enjoy a fully automatic rollback to its original state.Safe Updates ensures your update of Word Press core, plugins and themes is safer than ever.

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