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23 Jan

My bald head suddenly doesn’t look so charming when it’s juxtaposed next to a thousand pictures of guys with hair.

But the bear suddenly lunges forward, knocking its master to the floor and appears ready to savage him.

Cries are heard from the audience who fear the worst as the handler falls backwards out of view.

Either they are very unattractive to me, or they have some kind of rude personality that turns guys off to them in real life. Occasionally, there are attractive single girls without kids who appear online.

Lots of these girls put on their profile, “I’m a ***** and if you can’t handle it, then **** off! When this happens, the entire pool of guys starts messaging them things like, “How’s it goin?

But an assistant then beats the animal with a long stick and the animal retreats before carrying on with its performance as if nothing had happened.The handler - moments from death - jumped to his feet and continued offering treats to the brown bear.