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16 Feb

something which will be remedied in 2012 (you’ve been warned Danica!

People tend to take stock of their current situation, reflect on what has transpired in the previous 12 months, and of course, ponder what the upcoming year will hold… We’ve done pretty well with last year’s resolution to start a blog – well at least we like to think so 🙂 Our Facebook page has also grown by leaps and bounds; at this time last year we had about 980 ‘likes’ and now we’ve more than doubled that at 2268!

Our twitter followers have doubled over the past year too!

We genuinely loved reading all of your resolutions, and were very inspired as a result…

our resolution lists definitely got a bit longer afterwards!

Although the topic is holiday dresses, there are some helpful tips that apply to dress shopping any time of year.All the Pyrrha necklaces are individually created in Pyrrha’s Vancouver studio with reclaimed silver and cast from 19th century wax seals.This French seal reads ‘Jamais Arriere:’ Never Behind.The heart with wings is symbolic of love that is eternal. While running, the fox’s entire body is pointed like an arrow: straight and tightly aimed.___________________________ Piper’s plan is to keep it simple this year and just drink less beer and eat fewer baked goods.___________________________ Kim has decided to forgo her usual ‘get more exercise’ resolution and exercise her mind instead – this year she will be reading more books and journal articles.Thanks again to you all for entering and sharing your resolutions!

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