Bpd dating narcissist

16 Feb

This pattern manifests in two or more of the following areas: a. As mentioned, personality disorders are a variant form of normal, healthy personality so such distinctions are often difficult. Quite a few clinicians and researchers have raised concerns about this lack of specificity and precision.Consciously though, they will never apprise their mate of such infidelity.It is and you are not privy to their activity in any way, shape or form.NPD, histrionics,borderlines, or the Sociopath are more premeditated, they plan acts of infidelity, whereas, bi-polars simply act upon the opportunity for sex when their extreme impulsive mode kicks in.Bi-polar’s and Borderlines have presence of conscience,(BPD’s have very little conscience) where the NPD’s, Histrionic’s, and Sociopath’s lack presence of conscience.

The diagnostic process for personality disorders is difficult enough, even for seasoned professionals; therefore, self-diagnosis is not recommended.If you suspect a problem or interpersonal difficulty may be related to a personality disorder, we urge you to raise these concerns with a qualified mental health professional.Later, we will discuss alternatives to the current DSM diagnostic systems for the personality disorders that attempt to resolve this problem of imprecision.

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