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28 Jan

She shattered any preconceived notion I had about both actors and American women.They are nothing like British pubs, which are frequented by the entire community and are a vital aspect of social interaction.In America, for example, many people prefer to watch important sporting events at home, where they can throw a private party with their friends and family.Any new relationship is exciting but if you are dating a Brit, becomes exciting.From something as simple as the different ways you pronounce words to learning about new music, TV shows and stores – an intercultural relationship gives you so much to share with someone.

For a person who had always been very passionate about British culture, I was surprisingly unprepared for the experience of dating a Brit.

Sure, I knew my pasty from my ploughman’s and had enough pop culture facts to win even the most difficult pub quiz, but as it turned out, a successful intercultural relationship required more than this type of understanding about Britain.

I soon came to appreciate it just as much as my fellow Brits, and understood why my boyfriend ascribed so much value to it.