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19 Jan

When she succeeds in feeling better by getting her younger brother feeling worse, she is confronted by the parent to whom she uses feeling upset as her excuse.I find it an honor to be entrusted with the children I have, to advocate for them, love them, discipline and encourage them.I want them to be successful in being themselves and pray they grow up to be the men God would have them to be.To reduce the need for competition and attendant conflict between rival siblings, parents need to support compatibility where they can (ways the siblings can enjoy being together), they need to encourage differentiation where they can (ways each sibling can develop independent interests, associations, and identities from each other), and they need to create separate special times for each sibling with each parent (ways that both can have uncontested, non-comparative, individual contact time with each parent.) CONFLICTS ABOUT SIMILARITY.It is very common for parents to notice psychological similarities between themselves and each child.

As the adolescent pushes for more individuality and independence, there is usually more conflict from increased differences within the family system.There is more conflict with parents (differences over freedom and responsibilities, for example), and with siblings (differences over competition or dominance, for example.) This is not a bad thing; it is a necessary thing.