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20 Jan

Find yourself surrounded by crimson sand dunes and sparkling night skies in Namibia.

The German officer waved the tefillin in the air and said, "Dog!

I sentence you to death by public hanging for wearing these." Judah was placed on a stool and a noose was placed around his neck.

He caught it, thinking it might contain a piece of bread.

Upon opening it, however, he was disturbed to discover a pair of tefillin.

Spain, France and Croatia; and further afield you’ll find unforgettable tours in the US, Canada, China, India, south-east Asia and Australia.Choose a short break or longer holiday, and pick from options by rail, air, coach and sea.If you’re still not sure, why not try our Discovery Weekends, which are designed to give you a taste of what to expect.You’ll spend a weekend at a hotel in a pretty part of the UK, enjoy dinner and dancing on both nights and visit a nearby place of interest on a memorable excursion.He was forced into a squatting position and two huge rocks were placed under his arms.Then he was told that he would be receiving 25 lashes to his head – the head on which he had dared to position his tefillin.If you see something you like head to their website for more.Discover Sicily Italy’s largest island, Sicily is an enchanting destination.