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15 Feb

"Most [of the men] are immature or lie when they tell me about themselves.

The fabulous multitude of online dating services offers terrific opportunities to meet your contemporary Romeo or Juliet.

Unlike real world, face-to-face dating (and in the age of AIM, e-mail, and LOL, who wants to do that?

Using such tools as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and other chat programs, thousands of people are making friends and finding romance online. They’d grown up in the same town, knew the same people, in fact, John’s best friend had even dated Rachel’s best friend in high school. "My first marriage didn’t work out, but Rachel is the one.

" Millions of people across the world are meeting people on the Internet. They started chatting and realized that they had a great deal in common. He soon proposed and we were married a month later." "We are in love," John says smiling.

But, one day we were talking about our future and I couldn’t see it without him.

We were just having a good time, enjoying ourselves.

Cue visions of heavy breathing and that creepy voice from the Scream movies. Most major sites include email and instant message services that make sure you do not have to use your own personal addresses and names to communicate.

Dont be pressured into giving out your personal information.

It’s hard to date someone you can’t trust." For every John and Rachel, there are a hundred Tammy’s.

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