Dating a man who makes less money

10 Feb

She now earns as much as five times what Mark does, with the potential to increase that even more over the coming years.'When I recently landed a £60,000 contract, Mark's initial reaction was: "You've just earned in a month what I earn in a year! Marks says: 'I have to admit that if we hadn't already fallen in love and been very close after we met again, I would probably have struggled with the relationship because of her earning power.' Like many couples with a female breadwinner, they have had to re-evaluate their deepest feelings and expectations about relationships as both adjust to their change of roles.'If I measure myself against my late father's values, which held that a man should be the main breadwinner and provide security for his family, then I'm failing miserably,' admits Mark. 'When we got back together, there was an element of me thinking: "If I'm this driven, then you have to be, too,"' she says.But, she says, 'he dumped me because he was intimidated by my ambition'.Four years ago, both single again, they were reintroduced through friends.

'While successful men are often happy to marry a woman who will be less ambitious, successful women tend to marry men who are their economic equals,' she says.And as more women out-earn men, both can struggle to find a sense of identity.

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