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Legislation brought in after the Dunblane massacre made it illegal for certain handguns to be kept, and a series of amnesties were held so they could be handed in.Remember FN had three pieces of equipment applying the slide scrolls at times and they were rarely set identically. While there is little information on who this pistol was built for it certainly seems to me a contract pistol as his has its own serial range for the period based on the details. If you find my answer helpful please 'click' on the green "Applaud" or "Thumbs up" Rating to the left.And I agree the refinish is awhile ago which certainly has dropped the value deep below 0 down to that 0 - 0 range. Check out page 85 on Anthony Vanderlinden's latest FN book. Dan Dan, Funny, I never noticed the dates assigned to the inspection markings on page 85.Oddly the inspector's mark is a K but with a clear arrowhead above both marks, not a star.This could be a punch problem but it appears more than once. Is it possible that the gun never left the factory, was smuggled out, or sold in private use.

FN sold to many countries and probably half the time used a separate serial range for these sales. It is difficult on these pistols with few or no markings but the big indicator for me is the [A] on the trigger guard and the 17-serration count.

If you find my answer helpful please 'click' on the green "Applaud" or "Thumbs up" Rating to the left. I see no contract markings and the address stamp has sans-seriff font with a dash between Herstal and Belgique like post-war models. Both of these together, even without the bevel on the lug, indicated 1930-1940 manufacturing.

I feel quite the horse's **** over my insistence on this being a prewar 1930's production.

While it may be a prewar frame with a postwar slide it is very likely a 1946 pistol from a variety of parts, probably all postwar.

It's got the Belgian lion and PV stamped on it, with a letter "E" below. I'm on my cell phone so the pic isn't too big but it looks like pitting under the finish?

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