Dating boker razors

27 Jan

These entry-level models allow us to bridge the gap between an affordable pricing policy and our very high quality standards, which cannot be compromised.The result is a shaving knife with an outstanding price-performance relationship. A classic in the Boker lineup, and the perfect razor for every day.With the practical 5/8" blade, it is the ideal razor for use every morning.With the practical 5/8" blade, it is the ideal razor for use every morning. Easy to handle and provides excellent shaving results.

At the end of the 19th century, there was a line of unique and eccentric straight razors that were distributed under the brand name "Boker Elite." With this new Boker Elite, we are reviving this tradition.

The unusual blade grind gives it a unique character.

Straight razors have become more and more popular among today’s modern man, and traditionalists across the world are rejoicing in the resurgence and interest in them.

They will not only allow today’s modern man to adopt the shaving habits of their forefathers, but will also teach him the lost art of honing and stropping a razor to obtain the perfect edge.

Buy with confidence knowing that we stand behind everything we sell and service.

Welcome to the old world practice of shaving in its simplest form, using a perfectly honed blade against well lubricated skin to whisk away facial hair.