Dating chile cl index

26 Jan

Inputs of sediment from dome collapses and pyroclastic density currents and not ash fall seem to explain morphologic channel change magnitudes in the study segments.

Following the first phases channel segments widened 91% (38 m/yr), 6% (7 m/yr) and 7% (22 m/yr) for Blanco, Rayas and El Amarillo Rivers, respectively, compared to pre-eruption condition.

In the second period, channel segments additionally widened 42% (8 m/yr), 2% (2 m/yr) and 5% (4 m/yr) for Blanco, Rayas and El Amarillo Rivers, respectively.

In the Blanco River 62 and 82% of the islands disappeared in the first and second period, respectively, which is 6–8 times higher than in the El Amarillo approximately twice the Rayas.

Sinuosity increased after the eruption only in the Blanco River but the three study channels showed a high braiding intensity mainly during the first post-eruption period.

The resulting knowledge can facilitate land use planning and design of river restoration projects in areas affected by volcanic eruptions disturbances.

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