Dating friendship soulmate updating typed datasets

12 Feb

I knew that being a mother would mean certain sacrifices; I knew some of my friendships would evolve or, sadly, end; I knew that my time would be more precious than ever.Best friends are going to help one another achieve their goals.They're all about doing what they can to see their bestie succeed, because (honestly) the only thing better than being successful, is watching your friends become successful, too.She literally makes be a better person, simply by being herself.My best friend and I agree on politics, for the most part, but when we don't, we're not afraid to voice our political opinions and have an in-depth discussion.

He's not, however, the best friend I've had by my side through every up and down imaginable.There's something to be said about the relationships we, as women, have with other women.There are things my best friend gives me that my partner, well, simply can't.There is a connection that is just different, perhaps because we both know what it is like to be women in the world, and are always supporting one another in a way that, well, only women can.Every promotion she has received; every new relationship she's been excited about; every great time in her life, are all mine, too.I am happy when she is happy and, honestly, seeing my best friend joyous is one of my absolute favorite things.We're right back to our college days, when we lived just a few minutes away from one another. But, of course, we both make the time and effort for one another so that we don't go too long without talking to one another.

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