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03 Feb

I was way past the crazy social things I did in my early 20’s – past the point of hanging out in clubs, winning burping contests at the Boardy Barn in the Hamptons and going into the city for a wild party until 5 am.His large tan and aged, weathered hands would slowly open his years worn and thin-paged large bible laid out before his plate, and he would read a passage. I couldn’t tell you what the Angel side of the family was known for. She took her three teenage girls, clothes, one pot, one pan, one plate, fork, spoon, and knife, and got in the car and sped away.Just a few scriptures read slowly from his deep and powerful voice, but ending with kind and loving, but stern, words providing (or reminding) a lesson of the day for us all. After I was born, we visited and drove down the hill where she and the girls raced the car away from the trailer house and the man firing a shotgun at them. I met the man who did it, and still remember the smell of him today.From the two of us visiting them weekly in low income housing to provide used clothes, more food, transportation, a bath, and unconditional love, to finally having the means to pay for each of their premature funerals.We never talked about the filth, the roaches, the gut wrenching smells, the drinking, the drugs, the fighting, depression, or the suicides.

And two future husbands who would better care for her than the last two.

It allowed her to not ignore her parents and siblings, but to help provide for them.