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20 Jan

As roller coasters roared nearby, the 33-year-old black man handed 1.5 grams to an undercover deputy posing as an addict and disappeared through a sea of rush hour traffic. Brackins signed a plea deal, and the judge gave him 20 months in state prison.

Officers charged Arakaki with eight felonies — including two with the heightened penalty of dealing narcotics in a drug-free zone.

Confidential informants noted the sales took place near a church in their reports, and prosecutors mentioned the proximity in their initial charging documents.

He was picked up six times for driving without a license.

He had a previous conviction for possession of narcotics without a prescription.

But when prosecutors consolidated the charges, they dropped any reference to drug-free zone enhancements.

They also scored the Montana native as a first-time offender on his sentencing guidelines, the formula used to determine criminal punishment in Florida.

Blacks also see their sentences swell because they often have more prior arrests and longer records than comparable whites, leaving them with less leverage to negotiate down a drug-free zone enhancement.

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