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11 Feb

The "midnight sky and the silent stars" and the Dorchester County landscape of Harriet Tubman's homeland remain much as they were in her time there.Later, in the mid-19th century, African Americans split off from the congregation and formed Bazel Church.Across from Scotts Chapel is an African-American graveyard with headstones dating to 1792.If she were to return to this area today, Harriet Tubman would recognize it.It was in the flat, open fields, marsh, and thick woodlands of Dorchester County that Tubman became physically and spiritually strong.

Further reinforcing the historical significance and integrity of these sites is their proximity to other important sites of Tubman's life and work.She was born in the heart of this area at Peter's Neck at the end of Harrisville Road, on the farm of Anthony Thompson. In a keenly contested election, which ended on the 13th round, the former speaker of the House of Commons snatched the leadership race form Maxime Bernier who led earlier in 12 rounds.

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