Dating vancouver island british columbia

05 Feb

The Ancient Cedars Spa offers a number of spa treatments using natural ingredients and custom blended aromatherapies.The full service hotel can accommodate 30 guests at a time in 7 private cabins and 5 lodge rooms.Activities and services include guided hiking and ski touring, gourmet meals, warm showers, rolling in the snow after a sauna and goose down duvets.Excellent heli-skiing is available at Purcell Heli-Skiing.Fossil hunters come from around the world to visit the Burgess Shale on Mt. If you get tired after all the outdoor adventures, you can always sit in the lodge's hot tub and watch the Northern Lights.

You can create an exciting itinerary whether you are visiting for a weekend trip or planning a longer vacation in Canada.

The rustic Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia was built in 1902 by the Canadian Pacific Railway.