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19 Jan

He and his family have been members of Temple Shalom for fifteen years.Maybe the answer is, “Nothing.” Maybe if you have to ask the question, you have already failed in your obligation to inculcate a particular set of values.That may explain why so many Jewish parents are uneasy in today’s world.I know that intelligence, compassion, achievement and leadership have to be transferred from generation to generation, carefully and painstakingly, in a thousand-thousand interactions between parent and child, in the study of Torah, in the ways that adult Jews live their lives.I asked my second son, who is a junior in college and who went out all last year with an Asian girl, whether he was aware of any differences between Jewish girls and non-Jewish girls. She hesitated, looked around, thought about what to say for a second, and then said, “yes.” And then she made a joke.

He looked at me quizzically: “What are you talking about? I said, “Let’s broaden the question: Do you think that Jews are different from non-Jews? And I smiled at her, because her answer was so totally Jewish.

She wouldn’t ever think of saying anything out loud about how good or different Jews are.

We gentiles have to thank Max Dimont, who wrote , if we want to hear a Jew tell us how great the Jews are. ” These are tough question coming from our wise children.

Yet there has to be an answer to the questions that our children inevitably ask us: “Why should it make any difference if I marry a Jew or a non-Jew if I love that person? Besides, with interfaith couples, our children have the final rejoinder: “You married out of your faith, how can you say it’s wrong for me?

” “Who are you trying to please when you ask me to marry a Jew? ” But my wife and I would still like to see our boys marry Jewish girls.

Charles Mc Millan lives in Newton, Mass., with his wife, Ronni, and three sons, two of whom have already left the nest.

This article is anecdotal; I only hope it will raise common concerns.

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