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29 Jan

Do you think you're better than other singles?

When user Victor Ng, a brand designer at Pinterest, posted on Facebook that he was embarrassed to share an alma mater — Carnegie Mellon — with a League user he found “basic,” Bradford came to the woman’s defense in the comments. Concern-trolling him and calling him a douchebag, Bradford further claimed to have instructed her “data scientist” to expunge Ng from the site.

That could be bluster, or it could be how things really work at the League, policing the integrity of the gene pool.

He said: “I do think that ‘opposites attract’ but in the end what people do want is to meet like-minded people.“And it is working- because we get baby cards every week in the office from people thanking us for bringing them together.“We even have a ‘baby card’ wall!

”It was this desire to meet like-minded people to date the drove David to set up the site after he struggled to find something suitable after finding himself single a few years ago.

Using Linked In does have one bonus feature: concealing users’ profiles from people they already know IRL. (Upon signing up, I was pleased to see it’s available in both hetero and homo modes, but I’m number 51,324 on the waitlist, so it might be awhile before I get a push notification or a “Sup?

” Especially because I self-identify as low-brow riffraff).

The app releases only five pics per day via an algorithm that takes into account both Facebook and Linked In profiles.

Founder and CEO Amanda Bradford claims a membership of thousands, mostly based on her own professional contacts from “Salesforce and Google, Stanford and where she lives in the Marina,” according to the . The League aims to give successful, ambitious women access to the higher echelons of available men, but it might also be great for guys who used to be BMOC but now have to compete with all these rich bros, too.

They look at age, profession, where you were educated and to what level, and how many people you already know on the platform.

Only once these things have been taken into consideration does a person get approval, and once in they are promised access to the most desirable singles in the world. Discussing their ideal user, founder David Vermeulen said: “We focus on those aged 25-45 who are well educated, who come from ‘inspiring and ambitious’ professions.“We aim to have a mix of those from creative industries as well as more traditional professions such as banking or city workers and those in unusual jobs like pilots.”David was keen to stress that these were guidelines only and it was up to the team to make a judgement call on whether or not someone would be a good fit.

Current members are keen on the set-up and its emphasis on the success of both sexes, not just the male as is traditional.

Sarah Hale, 33, a senior finance manager said: “A lot of men want women with substance who have their own opinions and careers and who can hold their own in a conversation.“This can be key to a successful relationship.“For a relationship to work, you need two people that complement each other and in my opinion, two people that share the same drive and ambition can create the perfect match.”And what about the founder himself, who after all, set up the site because he was unimpressed with other options?

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