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21 Jan

Being an object of desire for men is something we can discuss in great length, whether it’s just and fair or not...

Open-Mindedness Another aspect of a woman that attracts us is their open mindedness.

We love women with a sense of adventure (in and outside of the bedroom). Not only will you have interesting stories but also you will have an opportunity to meet a new man!

But with a little insight into the mind of the opposite sex it doesn’t have to be. If you want to attract more men into your life then let me tell you about 3 amazing tips that could change your dating life forever.

If you want to start grabbing the attention of more men, then learn a few jokes and even work on some light sarcasm. If you can make us laugh then we will be coming back for more. Try watching some stand up comics or hang out with your funniest friends and figure out what makes you laugh. This can be when he says something funny or interesting.

The best way to portray this in conversation is to talk about all the fun things you do in your life and how open you are to trying new things. Kelly is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, CA.

She blogs about dating, relationships, personal growth and what "healthy living" means to her.

All Ollimania characters are designed, created and illustrated by Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje Bok/John Doe BV, Ollimania LLC.

As you advance in this game you will unlock new tanks and other upgrades.

Accelerate on the ramps and drive over the cars, collecting as many gold coins as you can.

This means that you can let your children play the Hello Kids Coloring Time app safely without having to worry about unwanted accidental purchases or exposure child-inappropriate content.