Does updating playstation help blu ray

28 Jan

So maybe it’s best to think of the 16x capability as marketing in action, whereas in reality, you will likely be sticking to lower speeds.Being one of the few that insist on retaining an optical media drive, I couldn’t resist picking myself up a new Blu-ray burner.After all, the feedback I received when I put out the CMCMAG-BA5 article was that Lite-On drives weren’t good burners, and I knew that my LG GGW-H20L was a bit dated and its media support was beginning to be limiting.In the past, on Lite-On drives, such options very often led to very marginal burns, so I approached this option with some caution.The walking optimum power control (WOPC) algorthm interrupted the burn quite frequently, however, when read back on the burner, it looks as if the burn is trouble free except for a very slight undulation in the readout speed curve.

There weren’t many options, but I heard good things about Pioneer burners, so I decided to spring for one at my local MSY with no idea what I was going to get.As it turns out, they were selling the Pioneer BDR-209DBK 16x model, which appears to be an OEM model (no software, manual, screws, cable or box) but for a relatively reasonable price of AU.