Dwight yoakam dating 2016

05 Feb

But when rock n' roll arrived, acoustic archtop guitars virtually disappeared. And though the profile remained, archtops went from being primarily acoustic guitars to electric guitars with an electric guitar magnetic pickup, effectively removing any tone from the "top." And for almost 50 years, as acoustic players turned instead to flattops, few realized that there was more than one kind of acoustic guitar sound.The Zenith and Zenith Classic have a 16" body with a more focused tone.While the Olympic's smaller body and unique mid-range make it a perfect lead instrument next to traditional acoustic guitars and mandolins.The original Masterbilt Collection was created in a moment of inspiration and practicality.In the early 1930s, with banjo sales plummeting and fretted instrument sales rising, Epi Stathopoulo directed his staff to design a big, beautiful, and loud acoustic guitar.

For over twenty years, Grammy winner Dave Rawlings has performed practically all of his concerts and recording dates with Gillian Welch with an original 1935 Epiphone Olympic, precisely because it doesn't sound like a flattop guitar.

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