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19 Jan

Like millions of Britons, I have Scottish as well as English blood, and I have tremendous affection for both countries.

Alex Salmond has one aim in denying English students the free tuition which his government is offering to Scottish students: to drive a wedge between the English and Scots, and so help to bring about his lifetime ambition to achieve a fully independent Scotland.

Universities Scotland, a body which represents colleges north of the border, certainly did not want zero tuition fees: it campaigned for Scottish students to be charged £3,200 a year, warning that without tuition fees, courses would have to be cut and standards might fall.

It stated that for every £1 spent on public services in Britain, 85p is spent in England, 10p in Scotland and 5p in Wales.

If it was biased in favour of the Scots in 1978 — since their population was slightly less than 10 per cent, while England's was slightly more than 85 per cent — it is even more so now.

But North Sea oil production is in steep decline, being only half what it was at its peak in 1999.In 2009, a Scottish government report claimed that, were it allowed to keep all its oil revenues, an independent Scotland would have an annual surplus of £1.3 billion.Mr Henderson said: ‘It is simply wrong that English taxpayers are being asked to help subsidise for people living in Scotland a range of services not available in England, including free prescriptions, free hospital parking, free accommodation in care homes and free university tuition fees.‘Something has to be done before the justifiable resentment felt by many people about the unfair subsidy English taxpayers are expected to contribute towards superior services north of the border, manifests itself in an anti-Scots backlash.’ Devised by then Treasury chief secretary Joel Barnett, it is based on population rather than need, and was originally only meant to last a year.But despite the growing disparity in spending, successive governments have refused to reform the deal for fear of antagonising the Scots.This row comes at a time when university places are under pressure as never before.

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