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18 Jan

In addition, one small subrectangular (almost grave-shaped) Late Iron Age pit contained a careful selection of broken or incomplete objects, including large parts of a single pottery vessel, a decorated iron spearhead, a nave hoop (from a wheel axle), and lumps of tar with impressions of twisted vegetable fibres.Excavations at Longforth Farm, Wellington, Somerset, revealed limited evidence for late prehistoric settlement, but the principal discovery was the remains of a previously unknown high status medieval building complex.This is thought to have been a manor house and though heavily robbed, key elements identified include a hall, solar with garderobe and service wing.Notably there were a number of pits which had a range of deposits – some undoubtedly domestic but others were much more deliberate and reflected ritual practices.For example, a single fill of one early Romano-British pit contained the butchered partial carcasses of 25–30 animals (predominantly sheep/goat but also including two dogs, a perinatal horse, two domestic fowl and a raven).

VIOLA tokens are used in the Community as rewards to users, merchants and experts that provide great content, advice and ideas that value-adds to the Community and Viola. Some found someone through other means and left us. Most interestingly, some found their life partners through us; they too left us! in the dating industry, the more effective you are, the better your matches are, the faster your best clients leave you. 13 years ago, the two of us, bright-eyed young adults in their 20s brimming with idealism and enthusiasm, took our first steps into the love industry not really knowing how it works. In the first few years, we took on clients and worked hard to find matches and arrange dates.Nevertheless, we believed that in the long run, our happy clients would be our greatest testimonials and they will recommend new clients to us.We stuck to our mission which was to be “The World’s Most Effective Dating Solution”. We also believe that this would be the key to building a better dating and relationship industry. Even though it is still in its infancy, we know with certainty that this revolution would shake up many industries and businesses including ours.The results follow broad regional patterns seen in the Severn Estuary Levels, with the more regularly planned farming landscapes and permanent settlement evidence from the Romano-British period onwards, developing from seasonal, episodic exploitation of this resource-rich salt-marsh landscape.