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10 Feb

I'm not surprised that some people never get called, given's system.This has been an enormous amount of wasted time and effort. It's only coming up under the pet-sitting category.When I click on it, it says, "Get the attention you deserve!We only wanted one person for a small one-time job, therefore, we decided to just get someone from friends and other contacts, rather than as we didn't even know if the person we wanted was available.It seems like a shame as the applicants description was really good.

I've not seen anything on the site to confirm this though. My guess is that when an applicant applies a credit towards an application, their application is moved to the top of the employer’s in box and/or they receive a text message alert about your application if they signed up for Care Chat texting.Am not sure how credits would be advantageous otherwise.My guess, Kim, is that applicants who use a credit to apply for a job will have their application appear at the top of an employer's in box and/or the employer may receive a text notification to alert them of your application if you signed up for Care Chat texting.This makes sense to me considering how many applicants are applying for the same job.As it was explained to me, either the care seeker or care giver must be a premium member, in order to communicate with each other.I think this is true, because when I had the basic profile, I did have someone contact me, regarding a job opportunity. When I "applied" for a job, it shaded out my message, and said I needed to "unlock" my account, in order for the care seeker to see my application and communicate with me. I have applied to ten jobs but have not received any messages, yet. Also, if you call, they will give you a promo code for 20% off of your upgrade.It's too bad didn't take into consideration losing pet care givers due to cost.This message we are all seeing, what it comes down to is that you can apply to any job you want the people do get your application, but when you go into your messages what you are seeing as that message to upgrade if you want to unlock your messages means to allow you to converse directly back and for with the person who has the job available.