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11 Feb

I tell her about the women I saw at the roadside outside Milan, about the cold, the beatings, and the €50,000 debt that Rita is still paying off, five years on. No matter how strong these women might be, the juju oath leaves them manipulated, abused and utterly trapped.The condom-strewn lay-by near Bergamo where Rita picks up clients is a far cry from the Europe she imagined five years ago when traffickers approached her in Edo."I was happy that I was going to Europe to feed my family," explains Rita, 27.Silvio Berlusconi outlawed soliciting on the street three years ago, but the estimated 20,000 Nigerian women who work as prostitutes in Italy are easy to find. This is one of hundreds of highways throughout Europe where Nigeria's trafficking victims are forced to work.We could be in Barcelona or Madrid, Paris or Berlin, Glasgow or London.

Eastern European gangs use violence to coerce the women they transport, but the "madams" at the top of the Nigerian trafficking chain don't need muscle – they have juju on their side.

It is a form of ritualised extortion that allows Nigerian women to be both perpetrators and victims of the exploitation.

It is 6pm on a Monday night on a highway outside Milan.

The thermometer on the car dashboard says it is two degrees below zero, but every few metres our headlights pick out figures waiting along the roadside, some hunched with their palms splayed over makeshift fires.

Rita says she has no choice but to carry on working.

Before she left Nigeria, she swore an oath of loyalty to her traffickers in a traditional religious ritual, a practice I was investigating for Channel 4's Unreported World programme.