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30 Jan

Here’s a quick rundown of the site and what they do to con users into joining.There is plenty of evidence of this classic scam tactic.All you need to do is use some custom software (which we have) and verify that some of the female members show look like they are profile pics ripped from other dating sites., the debut video game from Seattle-based Green Wood Studios breaks new ground by pulling players into a protracted campaign mode with virtually no way to win.During this time, you — playing as the Theater Commander — get to witness gross mismanagement and malfeasance on the part of your subordinates until you are replaced.

Just contact the company through one of the methods listed below and you’ll be able to start the cancellation process.Personally, I would recommend reaching out via email to their billing support for more details.That right there proves how big of a scam this site really is in my personal opinion.Same Profiles On Other Dating Sites This shouldn’t come as a shocker at all but there are profiles on that you will likely find on other sites.The profiles reviewed were easy to identify as fake.I bet if you ran through the entire site you’d find a ton more.For sure you are not getting laid if you use this site.Find Real Girls If you want to find some real girls, then join one of these dating sites that work.