Hannah montanna dating

19 Jan

When Miley shows up, Lilly is cutting her out of photos. "I didn't ask because I know how much college means to you," Miley says. Miley arrives in Paris and Lilly goes back to college. Miley says she'll always get movie offers, but she only has one chance to go to college with her best friend. Everyone remembers Jake Ryan as Miley’s TV star boyfriend who whined a lot and revealed his real name was Leslie which just ruined everyone’s pubescent sex dreams.He and Miley were pretty off and on, even after she told him she was a badass global pop star.She initially chose Paris, but reconsidered and joined Lilly in college as the show ended.The final season of "Hannah Montana" was marketed as "Hannah Montana Forever." The season focused on Miley Stewart revealing her double life.

On their ride home, Lilly says she's moving back in with her dad.