Holly madison still dating chris angel

25 Jan

Angel (real name: Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos) popped the question during a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas with a dazzling ring — featuring a flawless 5-carat diamond set in a traditional platinum setting.

1 friend and her mood is set to "smitten." Mind you, her last login was just a few days ago. Despite the continued My Space love shout-out, a rep for Angel confirmed to E!

News that the illusionist has parted ways with his lady love of four months. They remain very close friends and wish each other the very best," his publicist said. She's now living with family, according to an insider."It was a conflict of schedules.

She felt she couldn't devote 100 percent of her time in Vegas and his career at the expense of her career and her goals," the pal says. 1 girl, connected with Angel after announcing her split from the Playboy founder in October.

It's unclear whether she'll star in the next season of "Girls Next Door." E!

Yes, after her exit from the Playboy Mansion, Holly turned to - and now has an also-troubled history with - Las Vegas magician Criss Angel.In the book, Holly says they met while she was still with Hef, but only flirted, and never got together in earnest until after she peaced out: "When I announced to him that I was leaving the Playboy mansion, Criss opened up his world to me without even a moment's hesitation." "He pleaded with me to move in with him," she adds, noting that her "need to feel loved would win out over my need for independence." Holly alleges that Angel would constantly tip off tabloids on stories, set up "candid" paparazzi shoots and used her to boost his career.Worse, he isolated her from her friends, encouraged her to quit her job, became jealous of her own fame and had an "explosive temper." "For all his fame, fortune, and success, Criss, to me, seemed cripplingly insecure.This was starting to feel all too familiar," Madison says.Look, we’re all a little sensitive post-breakup but some advice: breaking off a relationship with a man with a track record like Hefner and your next guy is a guy with a track record like Angel’s?How about taking a break and getting yourself together so you can find someone who might be worth your time? Hey…if you’re looking for a reason to lose your last meal, here’s a good one for the record books: Criss Angel, magician and resident Hollywood man-whore has snagged another Hollywood blonde on the rebound – Hugh Hefner’s recent ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison.That would be kind of cute except we all know that Criss is the world’s most famous Hollywood vulture.