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25 Jan

In the 19th century, the meaning was extended to anything soft and furry.

The hyphenated phrase is parsed as "whipped by pussy" – a manipulative relationship dynamic wherein a female deliberately or subconsciously withholds sexual intercourse to coerce the male into surrendering power in other aspects of the relationship.

The male's weakness is his desire for access to female genitalia, and his willingness to weaken his position in the relationship to obtain that access, combining two uses of the word pussy.

Men who are dominated by women (particularly by their partners or spouses and at one time referred to as 'hen-pecked', see pecking order) can be referred to as pussy-whipped (or simply whipped in slightly more polite society or media).

This may be used simply to denigrate a man who is contented in a relationship.

Nesbit's Five Children and It - Jane, nicknamed Pussy by her siblings.

The verb pussyfoot, meaning to walk softly or to speak in an evasive or cautious manner, may come from the adjective pussy-footed "having a cat-like foot", or directly from the noun pussyfoot.

Studies find the word used more commonly in conversations among men than in groups of women or mixed-gender groups, though subjects report using pussy more often than other slang terms for female genitals.

Donald Trump's use of the word to describe his interactions with women ("grab them by the pussy", known as the Access Hollywood tape) provoked strong reactions by media figures and politicians across the political spectrum; an image of a snarling cat with the slogan "pussy grabs back" became a "rallying cry for female rage against Trump".

This word, first attested in the late nineteenth century, is related to both the "cat" and the "woman" meanings of pussy.

As a reference to genitals or to sexual intercourse, the word is considered vulgar slang.

Common meanings of the noun include "cat", as well as "coward or weakling", and "the human vulva or vagina", or as a synecdoche, "sexual intercourse with a woman".