I want to sex chat now

06 Feb

The person in charge was the owner a woman 68 years old. some are very sexy to look at but it all seems to end there.. my sex drive is not as strong but it is very much still alive...Yes there is nothing like a woman that knows what she wants. I just wish there were more of them, I perfer women in there 50s and 60s.Women who know what love is all about and knows how to satisfy a man. No if you do things the natural way my **** will pop right up!! And even though I'm over 65, I still have that drive, just not as often as I used to. I'm craving some intimacy, some affection and some good old fashioned animalistic sex. I have been living alone for the past ten years and have been able to deal with my sexual desire until most recently.Sex has been poor most of the time and completely non existent in the last eight years. The problem it that most women my age do not enjoy giving oral sex, only recieving.I want to perform until she cannot take it anymore and want her to perform until I reach ******.

I went to the Army (and Vietnam) before I went to college, so by the time I started my studies I was older and more experienced.