Internet dating scary unnerving

19 Jan

Some people have lost their life savings to these thieves."Dating websites generally try to filter out the scammers and fake IDs in a number of ways, as Adam Hannah explains, "Our first defence is to manually review every new profile before it is activated. Secondly, we have a user-based reporting system to weed out the occasional joker we may have missed.Fact: people are paying large sums of money to meet other people on the Internet. It seems that the old chestnut, the blind date, has reached new heights of popularity. Based research group, revealed that Americans alone spent 9.5 million in 2004, making online dating the largest “paid content” area on the Internet.After all, every time you hit a club you risk your drink being spiked or having your bag stolen.If the concern is that unnerving then you could always take a friend along to chaperone or organise a double date.

Is it safe to rendezvous with someone you've only ever exchanged cyber comments with?Ultimately Internet dating need not be anymore dangerous than normal dating.The range of relationships on offer is also very broad.

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