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23 Jan

star Adrian Grenier might be interested to know that his girlfriend Isabel Lucas slipped away one afternoon and went to a movie with her handsome exboyfriend from Australia.Shia La Beouf may have more to worry about than the drunken- driving charge he got after crashing his truck with Australian hottie Isabel Lucas strapped in the passenger seat.Lucas, one of La Beouf's comely co-stars in the upcoming "Transformers" sequel, has been dating actor Adrian Grenier for months.And of course she was caught in Shia La Beouf’s passenger seat when he crashed his truck.They were on their way to Shia’s house at AM with a hot pizza. Adrian gave Isabel another “chance,” but she didn’t want it. Adrian Grenier might as well face the fact that he is now single.

His Australian girlfriend, Isabel Lucas, recently arrived in Hollywood and she’s already tasting forbidden fruit.She had a secret date with her superhot exboyfriend Chris Hemsworth last week, and this week she got caught red-handed in Shia La Beouf’s passenger seat at 3 AM when his truck crashed and rolled.

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