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24 Jan

It was a glittering occasion with flashbulbs and television lights, contrasting in their brilliance with the sombre stone hall.The more savage Jack becomes, the more he is able to control the rest of the group.Indeed, apart from Ralph, Simon, and Piggy, the group largely follows Jack in casting off moral restraint and embracing violence and savagery.Lord Hailsham chose his words with care and precision worthy of the senior law officer.He spoke of his admiration of the painting and his belief it was by Holbein.

The first time he encounters a pig, he is unable to kill it.

But Jack soon becomes obsessed with hunting and devotes himself to the task, painting his face like a barbarian and giving himself over to bloodlust.

The strong-willed, egomaniacal Jack is the novel’s primary representative of the instinct of savagery, violence, and the desire for power—in short, the antithesis of Ralph.