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12 Feb

For example, if they mirror your body language, the conversation is probably going well.For example, if your boss points out what she thinks is an error and you're not sure she's correct, you can say, "I hadn't thought of that, and I'm going to look into it right away." To err is human, but to craft a believable apology isn't a universal skill. Perhaps the most important time-management lesson is that you should stick with one task at a time.The apology "needs to be sincere, not qualified, not quantified, and also needs [to] outline how X will not happen again," Keyani says. Research suggests that multitasking is generally counterproductive because the brain expends energy as it readjusts its focus from one activity to another.For example, don't break eye contact with your conversation partner, even after they've finished speaking.And make sure not to fidget or touch your face too much, which can give the impression that you're lying or anxious.

Many of us fear the word "no" because we don't want to let other people down.

But when you're already swamped and your coworker asks you to take an hour to help him with his project report, "Yes, of course" might not be the best answer.

Psychologists say that empathy is a fundamental part of human interaction.

In fact, people who lack the ability to empathize and take an interest in other people are often narcissists.

Research suggests that "self disclosure" predicts liking, closeness, and relationship-building.

Another, surprisingly simple, tactic is to simply spend more time with the people you'd like to befriend.

"Sometimes your body language tells people everything they need to know before you ever open your mouth," writes Dean Bokhari.

Experts have highlighted specific body-language techniques that can make you more likable.