Lyrics pagdating ng

29 Jan

dumilim ang paligid may tumawag sa pangalan ko –XXXX called out to E labing isang palapag –Unit 1108 of a condo in San Juan tinanong kung okey lang ako –XXXX and I had the habit of asking people “Ok ka lang? I changed some lyrics just to fit the lyrics with the rhythm of the song. If you 'gon ask me, I'll change the majority of the lyrics of the song, but I will never change the theme of it. We should go, and raise all of them past issues, and turn them to zombies and make them eat our hate subject’s brain.Too bad for us, we are not superhuman to put necromancy in real-life action TODAY.

It is actually the story of the rape victim Pepsi Paloma who was allegedly raped by Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, and Richie D’ Horsie.

She was made to drink too much by the three (this is described in the first 3 stanzas of the song) and when she was unconscious, they raped her.

In May 1985, Paloma’s body was found hanging inside her room.

Suicide, investigators concluded, but there were louder whispers of rape and murder– allegedly masterminded by a bunch of comedians (Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Richie D’ Horsie) famous for their transcendentally silly movies (Against whom she filed a rape complaint years before, but was dismmised).

–Goldshlagger: a hot cinnamon schnapps drink infused with pure 23k gold flakes…that got everyone wasted!