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31 Jan

Zeno still regards Julius Nepos as rightful emperor of the West until the latter's death in 480, and Odoacer is persuaded to accept this (in name, at least).

As a result of the sack of Rome and piracy in the Mediterranean, both Western Roman and Eastern Roman empires send a fleet against the Vandali.

The Western fleet is captured, and the Eastern one is destroyed through the use of fire ships.

Upon the death of the Western Roman emperor, Honorius, his patrician elevates Johannes as emperor.

Theodosius II elevates Valentinian III first to Caesar, then to co-emperor as Augustus.

A dispute with Leo I causes Valamir to lead the his Ostrogoths against him.With the barbarians at the gates, Leo agrees to pay an annual subsidy of gold.In late 424, he sends Atius to the Huns to seek military help, but while Atius is away Johannes is betrayed and captured.Atius returns with sizable Hunnic army and comes to an agreement that establishes the political landscape of the Western Roman empire for the next thirty years.Single aliquot regeneration optically stimulated luminescence (SAR-OSL) dating techniques were applied to sediment samples with archaeological contexts to generate a more precise geochronology for the groundwater-supported lakes and prehistoric activities in the region.New age determinations on nine samples collected from Bîr Sahara East and Bîr Tirfawi are presented for the five paleolake phases originally described by the excavation team.Thanks to the latter's ineptitude the expedition ultimately fails and Marcellin is assassinated by one of his captains.Upon his death, Sardinia is retaken by the Vandali.

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