Ouran host club dating game

18 Jan

Well now, let’s have at least a few pictures of the 3 boys looking like boys (this sounds pretty weird).

Princess Princess follows Toru as he develops a strong friendship (and perhaps, just maybe, more than friendship?

) with the two other Princesses, Yuujiro and Mikoto, and covers the fun life and adventure of a Princess.

Upon looking at the beautiful Princesses’ smiling faces, even if it’s just a glance, and hearing their melodic voices, the athletes regain their energy and continue their training with tenfold enthusiasm and newfound motivation.

Of course, such a job shouldering so many heavy responsibilities is not one without rewards.

However, the player controls Loki, the prince of demons, who in turn manipulates Lucia. * Summary Loli princess Lucia is the protagonist of this R-18 RPG.Our main lead, Toru, the one in blue hair, is a new student in this school and simply can’t turn such a marvelous offer down.Furthermore, being a Princess would allow him to be self-sufficient and not burden his family.And by anything we mean anything from The Power of Friendship to brutal force.Enemies of the club vary depending on the story and club.