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18 Jan

Hey girlfriends, what ARE the rules for wedding gowns when the bride is over 40, 50, 60... Bridal Gowns for Second Weddings - It's Your Party It's your party, and you can cry if you want to, cry if you want to, cry if you want to. Hey, I cry at everyone's wedding, even my own, which can be slightly embarrassing. Back then, any man who uttered the sentence, “Sally’s my old lady,” meant that Sally was the speaker’s girlfriend, even when his “old lady” was only 18. However, there is one rule about wearing a blusher veil that I think you should follow. And, whenever I hear the term “old lady”, I think of my hippie days.And, at a point where it was too late to make any changes, I heard someone whisper, “You can see right through that dress,” as I walked down the "aisle" in the large, double ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel... but I was trying to have an elegant second wedding at a chi-chi venue, and a sit-down luncheon for the multitudes was cheaper than a sit-down dinner for that same group of merry rabble-rousers.Alternative Dresses for Brides If you've been married before, you probably were all decked out like a ruffled cream puff at the prior wedding.

I think that most women look good in sweetheart, scoop, or V-neck style necklines (with or without sheer overlays).

If you have a top-heavy upper body, try on wedding gowns with deep V-necklines, deep U-necklines, halter necklines, asymmetrical necklines, and strapless necklines.

However, I think ballgowns and dresses with shoulder detailing (to balance your butt) would be good things for you to try.

And, don't laugh, but I happen to recall seeing a maid of honor who once camouflaged her growing tuckus with a dress that had a little bustle... (Use professional guidance on this.) Fabric for Wedding Dresses Unless you are a Pilates instructor, don’t get a wedding dress made of shiny material like satin (unless it's hammered and textured) because your dress will probably show every bulge on your bod.