Ps3 having trouble updating games

18 Jan

Afterwards your lid will never be 100% secure but it's not that big of a deal so don't fret. Clean it in a circular motion and then if there are any fibers of cotton, give it a little blow or if you happen to have a eyeglass cloth or micro-fiber cloth clean the lens with it.MAJORITY of you with this problem will unfortunately have to replace the blu-ray laser in order to get your machine back in working order. Lots of people think they're super sensitive, they're not.Here's what I suggest you try just in case it's something else causing the problem. The advantage of using one of these is that you won't have to open the PS3, which for some can be a pain. If you search for youtube by itself, it wont let you use it. It's still possible to use the original youtbe, just gotta find ways around it. If its game related or something there will be some original yourtube results. But if you search something like "Co D 4 gameplay" it should bring you to the search options that might lead you to the original youtube. but the interface is atrocious, the app itself is slow and it locks up almost every time I try and use it for more than a few minutes at a time. If you pair your phone with this app it makes it a breeze to use! If you have a smart phone then just pair it using the code they give, you can use the You Tube app on your phone and the video you select will display on the TV screen.

Best way to watch youtube is to type in what you want in the search option. man, here we are getting close to a year later and the PS3 youtube app STILL sucks a huge fat one. the typing on it alone would be a deal-breaker for me so if i really want to show people a youtube video on my tv i just use my phone and play it on the tv. I'm not a PS3 Overlord so if any of this information is wrong or off, confusing, boring, etc....If that didn't work, Sony has always suggested a firmware update / and or a System Restore.I've NEVER seen a PS3 laser come back to life after either one of these operations, but that's not to say you'll be the first.You can buy them at speciality electronic shops and sometimes at Radio Shack but I suggest calling to see if they have one before trekking over.You could always just slam the top cover over to the left too.If you're experience this problem I highly recommend you get your unit repaired through Sony and not trying to repair it yourself.

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