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14 Feb

Maybe a compact .45 or a high-capacity 9MM “just to be on the safe side” is more what you should have.

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The company allegedly gave Lopez strict instructions to stay inside his patrol zone, ABC News reports.

With nothing more than ledgers of stolen identity information — Social Security numbers and their corresponding names and birth dates — criminals have electronically filed thousands of false tax returns with made-up incomes and withholding information and have received hundreds of millions of dollars in wrongful refunds, law enforcement officials say.

Police say she screamed that she wanted to “kill someone and eat them.” 24. Louis area was recently caught cooking meth in her purse inside a Wal-Mart store. Anyone that believes that slavery has been abolished in America does not know what they are talking about.

Every single night sex slaves are being horribly abused all over the United States.

But he said it was an isolated case, not a “systemic issue.” 7.

These days thieves will steal just about anything that is not bolted down and that they can sell for money.

For many Americans, it is easy to point a finger at a particular group or political party and blame them for all of our problems, but the reality of the matter is that our societal decay cuts across all income levels, all political affiliations and all regions of the country. It is undeniable that something has fundamentally changed. Just check out the carnage that happened in New York City this past Friday night…. Reporter James Carlini recently discussed the growing problems that roaming gangs of youths are causing along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago….

We are being destroyed from within, and this decay can be seen on the streets of the most dilapidated sections of major U. cities and it can also be seen in the halls of power in Washington D. The American people do not seem to possess the same level of character that they once had. The following are 25 signs the collapse of America is speeding up as society rots from the inside out…. Homicides in Chicago are 38 percent ahead of where they were last year at this time. Things are taking a turn for the worse in other major U. “Crupi and I survived a shootout today…Thank God we are ok…To all the wanna be gangstas of Staten Island (who say they are from Brooklyn but really aren’t), be grateful you have what you have and stop trying to live a lifestyle you will never understand.” About a week later, her husband discovered her dead in a pool of her own blood in their apartment. Don’t bother looking for any cops, they are far and few between.

For example, three thieves recently broke into a Chicago beauty supply store and took off with hair extensions that were worth a total of 0,000. Up in Minnesota, thieves are stealing Bronze Stars from hundreds of military graves, and down in Fresno, California thieves have actually been stealing metal crosses from churches. According to one shocking new report, one out of every 10 Wall Street employees is a “clinical psychopath”. Over in Seattle, police zapped a pregnant woman with a taser three times just because she refused to sign a ticket. Down in California, one man recently sliced off the ear of another man with a knife over an unpaid debt. These days we are seeing senseless crimes being committed even in small towns in the heartland of America.

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