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21 Jan

But Duo isn't yet without its faults or missing features.Have a question for Sid Kirchheimer about a new product, a new kind of bank account? ANTI-PROSTITUTION ACTIVIST group Ruhama is part of a campaign which is to highlight how women who are trafficked into Ireland for sex are treated.The #Where Is Andreea campaign will see dozens of posters which feature a silhouette of a woman and a phone number placed across Dublin city centre.Ruhama is urging people to call the number and hear what Andreea has to say.

Video calls have been done again and again, and by now, if you have someone you want to talk to and see at the same time, odds are you already have your preferred way of doing that.

But my last few days with Duo have shown me another side to the story.

She said: “It aims to enhance awareness and understanding amongst the general public of the realities of sex trafficking and the fact that victims are usually required to put up a positive facade, and so may not be easy to spot.

“We urge anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation in Ireland’s sex trade, or who is concerned about someone they know, to contact Ruhama for support on (01) 836 0292.” Earlier this year, new laws designed to protect prostitutes by criminalising the buyers of sex came into force.

She tells callers that she came to Ireland having been told she would be working with children.

Andreea also describes how her traffickers force her to smile and not to reveal to customers that she is being taken advantage of.