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22 Jan

Camp-specific ARs ranged from 212 to 506 cases per 100 000 people.

Suspected cases were recorded on a line list containing information on age, sex, location in camp, date of rash onset, date of case detection, and outcome, including date of death.

In Dadaab, additional information was recorded on signs and symptoms, date of camp arrival, and measles vaccination status, determined by parental or case-patient recall.

Vaccination data and coverage surveys were reviewed.

In Dadaab, 1370 measles cases and 32 deaths (CFR, 2.3%) were reported.

Clinicians at hospitals and health posts/centers identified suspected measles cases by using the WHO measles case definition, consisting of illness with fever, maculopapular rash, and at least 1 of the following: cough, coryza, or conjunctivitis [10].Persons from Dadaab and Dollo-Ado camps with measles-related rash onset during 6 June–11 November 2011 and 9 July–31 October 2011, respectively, were included in the analysis.